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The Compliance for Charity blog is an initiative by FossID for open source practitioners to share content in relation to open source compliance, open source security, Software Composition Analysis (SCA), tools and toolchains, etc.

The promise of the blog is the idea of sharing knowledge in relation to open source compliance while supporting charity, and FossID sponsors USD 1,000 per blog post to a charity chosen by the blog post contributor. Blog content should incorporate the following:

·      Posts must be vendor-neutral. The post may mention a vendor’s name as it relates to specific open source project(s), project deployments, adoption paths, etc., but it shouldn’t feel like an advertisement for the member services or company. We do not accept company services announcements or press releases to the blog.

·      How-to blogs, blogs with technical content, and those that teach or show how to do something in a way others may not have thought of are the most interesting.

·      Blog posts that show hurdles that were encountered and explain how they were overcome often do very well as the audience is always looking to learn.

·      Critical commentary or broad issues must be approached with sensitivity, professionalism, and tact in a way that is beneficial and positive to the audience.

·      Your post must be your content, but can be published elsewhere with a right to republish. All content should have an author and be published Creative Commons with Attribution.

·      Blog length should be around 1,000 words.

·      It is highly encouraged to include at least one image in the blog, such as diagrams, code examples, or photos.

You are welcome to add 1-2 sentences at the end of your blog with a link to an external site such as your website. Example best practices:

·      Share contact info of author – E-mail, Twitter, Slack

·      Links to project websites or Github

·      You are also encouraged to describe the charity of your choice and why it is important to you, together with a link to the charity.

The blog posts will be announced via the Compliance for Charity Twitter and LinkedIn channels. We require you to help amplify the promotion of your blog by retweeting and/or sharing.

Accepted blog posts are at the sole discretion of the curation team managing this effort. Publishing dates are dependent on availability in the publishing calendar and resources available at the time.

Please read the Code of Conduct before submitting your post.

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